For most homeowners their roof and roof shingles once installed are out of sight and out of mind until of course, they notice wind-damaged shingles lying on the lawn or water dripping from a ceiling roof leak. A roof is like anything else, and roof inspections, roof maintenance, and roof tune-ups are key not only to protect your home from water damage but also to ensuring longevity to your investment in your new or newer roof. The most common remark I will get from homeowners when called out for a roofing service or roof repair is, “ but it’s supposed to be a 30-year shingle. Why does it need repair or service?” I always equate it to them like this.

“ When you buy a new car do you take it in for oil changes, brake service, and new tires when needed?

Of course, you do, it’s part of the car’s general maintenance. It keeps your car in good working order, prevents breakdowns, and adds overall longevity to your car as well as a good resale value. A roof is very similar as it comprises many parts besides just shingles that are part of a system that protects and waterproofs your home. Like your car, your roof also requires roof maintenance and a roof tuneup from time to time. At Tops Roofing Company we recommend a roof inspection and tune-up every 5 years to address issues like loose or wind damaged shingles, roof ventilation function, possible animal roof damage, roof flashings and roof caulking, eavestroughs, and the overall wear and present condition of the roofing. As with most maintenance scenarios, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Further, if your planning the sale of your home, the roofing and overall roof condition will be a key element that the prospective buyers and home inspectors will be looking at. A properly maintained roof in good condition will not only add curb appeal but also say something about you the seller. It says you take pride in your asset and are offering a well-maintained home for sale. 

Does Home Insurance Company require Roof Inspection Report ?

Roof inspection reports will often be required by your home insurance company in order to continue coverage. Being proactive and keeping key elements of your home maintained and inspected will also keep your home insurance cost low by preventing costly claims for roof shingle wind damage and interior roof leak repairs. Once you file a claim, you can be guaranteed that your annual policy will increase by as much as fifty percent and that the insurer will also raise your deductible amount as well. As the old adage goes, a stitch in time saves nine!

Sample Inspection Report

Tops Roofing Company Inc
2183 Sandringham Drive
Burlington Ont, L7P 3E7
905 465 0538

Roof Inspection Report

Tom Smith
123 Topsroof Drive, Oakville On
905 123 4567
November 12, 2020

Description Condition

New IKO brand 30-year laminate shingles installed in 2008Excellent
New wall flashings in 2008Excellent
New chimney flashings installed 2008Excellent
New premium ridge venting installed 2008Excellent
New Durable pot vents X 3 installed 2008Very Good
Soffit Venting – Continuous AluminumExcellent
New colored steel window pans installed 2008Very Good
New plumbing stack flashings installed 2008Very Good
New premium Velux Skylights installed 2008
Inspected by Velux
Very Good
Ice & water shield barrier installed 2008Excellent
Synthetic Underlay protection installed 2008Excellent
Eavestroughs – Cleaned on-site – Condition clean Overall ConditionExcellent
Sample Roofing Report- By Topsroofing

The overall condition of all aspects of the roofing is very good to excellent. Roof shingles are sealed and lying flat. Roof shingles are a 30-year limited lifetime warranty, transferable one time to a new owner if one shall succeed Tom Smith. The expected longevity of roof shingles is approximately 25 years. They are now halfway through their useable cycle. Expect to replace roofing again in 2032- 2034 Skylights are Velux brand and can be expected to last another 20 years before replacement. Caulking in all areas as required is is a thermoplastic caulk in excellent condition. Inspection Completed by Brian Burnett – Senior Roofing Consultant