Why Choose Tops Roofing For Flat roofing?

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At Tops, you will only be engaged with one of our four qualified senior personnel, each of whom has at least forty years of continued experience, knowledge, and know-how within this very competitive and often ‘fly by night’ industry.  Secondly, get it done and get it done right the first time. At Tops, all our work is fully insured and guaranteed in writing, and unlike others, our writing is definitely worth the paper it was written on. Just ask some of the many customers we have had the pleasure to offer a more personalized experience and to serve over the past several decades. Customers that will often stop me to chat at the gas bar or grocery store with a “ Hey Brian, remember me! You did our flat roof years ago. How’s it going? How’s business?” At Tops Roofing we are not just installing roofs, we are also building relationships.

Quality Flat Roofing Services in  Oakville | Burlington | Mississauga | Hamilton.
Whether it be your residential flat roof project or your commercial roof tune-up, renovation, or replacement, there are many reasons why people and business alike, choose Tops Roofing Co.Foremost, it’s for our over 40 years of continued experience and longevity within the roofing industry, that for most, make us the easy choice, hands down! Then you choose Tops Roofing you will never deal with a twenty-five or thirty-something-year-old person, having moderate or limited experience, out for the fast buck and selling you on price rather than experience.
Commercial Flat Roofing Projects | Topsroofing Canada
Commercial Flat Roofing Projects | Topsroofing Canada
We are providing services to the major cities like Oakville | Burlington | Mississauga | Hamilton. Whether we installed your roof 10 years ago, 10 days ago, or are installing it 10 days from now, we are always here to meet all your needs and service requirements. Here are the other services inside the cities. Simply put, we appreciate your business and we want it repeated, whether it be for yourself, family, friends, neighbors, or business associates.  The third is quality and price. As with pretty much anything, you get what you pay for. As Ron, one of our senior associates would say, “we can’t build you a Cadillac for a Hyundai price.”With Tops Roofing we only install the very best of materials by the best manufacturers. Visit Our Residential roofing service page if in case you are looking for residential service.

Commercial Flat Roofing Services in Southern Ontario

Commercial Flat Roofing Services | Topsroofing Projects
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Products built to last and professionally installed to withstand our harsh Canadian climate. Whether it be one of a variety of flat roof membrane products, poly-iso insulation, tapered insulation, drainage solutions, or custom metal fabrication, at Tops Roofing we can properly and professionally assess all of your flat roofing needs and requirements and often times are able to offer you one or more options to solve your flat residential or commercial roofing needs for many years to come. It is for this and the aforementioned reasons Tops Roofing Company was chosen in 2008 as a preferred commercial flat roofing contractor by the GTAA ( Greater Toronto Airport Authority) We were just able to better professionally assess and architect a more suitable flat roofing solution and system within budget.

At Tops Roofing, we are quite proud of the fact that we just build a better roof and that we’ve been building and installing quality at a fair price since 1987.