Oh no, you have just seen water leaking from the roof of your home. If you do not act quickly, roof leaking will turn into a nightmare both financially and mentally.

STEP 1 : You’ve discovered a leak

If you find water dripping from a paint bubble or a dark discolouration in your ceiling, water is likely gathering on the other side of that. Place a bucket or pail under the drip or prevailing leak. You may even want to place a towel inside the container to minimize the annoying dripping sound. 

Secondly, you will want to find yourself something with a sharp point such as a screwdriver or cordless drill.  Locating the centre of the paint bubble in your ceiling where the water is accumulating, drill or punch a hole directly into the middle. This will allow the contained water to drain out averting further damage to the paint and drywall. 

STEP 2 : Cover Exterior Roof

If you are confident you know where the leak is originating on the outside roof and are able to safely access the source of this water leak, cover the exterior surface with a waterproof tarp, ensuring that it extends up and over the highest point of the roof above the leak. Safety is always paramount, so it is always in everyone’s best interest to call a professional roofing company near you immediately rather than attempting a dangerous, ‘do it yourself ‘ repair that may or may not be effective. Many roofing companies will respond to emergency roof leak and repair rather quickly, however, their response time may also be depending on the weather. Most roof leaks can be properly repaired on site and only in the case of completely worn out sections of roofing will roof tarps be necessary. If tarping is required, its now time to replace that worn out roof.

STEP 3 : Source the leak

An experienced roofing professional will access and inspect your roof from the outside and in most cases the source of the leak is obvious or can be easily determined upon a visual rooftop inspection. Only if the leak can not be pinpointed from the exterior will the service person need to access the attic area to quickly recognize the origin and source of the exterior roof leak.

 Its time to call a professional if you notice:
  • Water dripping into the interior 
  • Dark spots, staining or mould on ceilings
  • Paint bubbling or sagging on ceilings or tops of walls
  • Water in the basement near plumbing or heating vent pipes
  • Water in the attached garage
  • Shingles that are missing, curling, cracking or an overall deteriorated appearance
  • Loose or lifted metal flashings
  • Animal damage

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