Although winter weather can be damaging to various aspects of your homes roof system, it’s the summers sun that it is the most damaging. High heat and the suns intense UV light rays cause the most damage to roof shingles, flashings, caulking seals, skylight seals, plastic and rubber boot roof flashings, roof vents, etc. We know everyone likes to procrastinate through summer, enjoying the warm temps, summer holidays and school holidays, but with the kids going back to school next week, now is the perfect time to have that roof inspection and prepare your homes exterior to defend against the winter snows, ice and rain.

Fall Roof tune-ups

Pre-Winter Roof Inspection – Tops Roofing Company – The Honey Do List

Roof Shingles – Inspect all areas for shingle wear and deterioration, loose roof shingles, missing roof shingles, roof animal damage and exposed roofing nails. Repair as required and assess overall condition and replace if necessary.

Roof Shingles

Roof Flashings are one of the most overlooked areas, an integral part of your roof and key to keeping out the elements. Of all the roof repairs and roof service calls we field at

Roof Flashings

Roof Vents & Boot Flashings – Inspect roof vents and boot flashings for deterioration or animal damage and replace if required. Otherwise, ensure they are adequately fastened to the roof deck to avert any snow or rain blow in and re-caulk all roof fasteners and re-seal all caulking joints around roof boot flashings and B-vent flashing collars.

Roof vents & Roof Flashings

Roof Skylights – Once again ensure all skylight roof flashings are tightly fastened and caulked where required with a high quality thermoplastic adhesive caulking. Skylights that are 22 years old or older need to be replaced as the seals within frame of the plastic or glass dome deteriorate with age and exposure to UV sunlight. As a rule of thumb skylights should be replaced with every new roof replacement by a qualified roofing contractor. Older skylights often have small venting holes that become plugged with dust and organic matter over time. This will cause them to condensate in cold winter weather and although they may not leak, they can constantly drip causing damage to interior drywall and floor finishings.

Roof drains, gutters / eaves troughs need to be cleaned at least twice each year. Once in the spring after the leaf husks have fallen and once in late fall or early winter before freeze up. If you have gutter guards or leaf screens these should be cleared of any organic matter before freeze up as well. Clogged gutters will not allow water to drain which in turn will overflow if not frozen and you run a high risk of flooding your basement, or they will eventually freeze and your gutter can be torn away with the weight of the ice. Further, clogged gutter drain pipes will freeze and burst at the seam which if against a brick wall will saturate the brick and mortar causing interior leaks. Flat roof and commercial roof drains also need to be cleaned and all organic matter removed from the roof before winter.

Mortar joints between the bricks and around windows and concrete window sills are a very common source of interior leaks. During wind driven rain episodes against brick or other walls, we often get calls for roof leaks. When I inspect, then find the source of the leak it is all to often either poor mortar joints, leaky wood window frames or deteriorated window caulking.When I then explain to people that its not the roof leaking, its the brick wall or windows, they often look at me as though I have two heads. These areas all need to be inspected and maintained along with the rest of your home. I mean you wouldn’t buy a new car and expected to last without proper maintenance and service, and neither will your home last without proper maintenance and care. When ignored or let go, easily repaired items today can compound into costly and extensive repairs later on. As the old adage goes, ‘ a stitch in time saves nine’.

Mortar joints

As always guys, if you’re not properly trained and geared up for working at heights, please call upon the professionals. Your life is not worth the cost of the repairs. At Tops Roofing Company we have been helping homeowners just like you since 1987. Call or visit us today at  or 05 465-0538 for all your residential roofing, commercial roofing, gutters, windows & doors and general home maintenance repairs.