1. Age. If your roof is more than 12 years old. Pre 2008, shingles were all made the  same from recycled wood and paper and thus were termed, organic mat shingles.  All manufacturers produced organic mat shingles and all 20-30 year products  failed, on average between 12 -15 years. If your roof is pre 2008, chances are very  good you will need a new shingled roof. Consult your manufacturers warranty, have  a roofing professional inspect, take photos and shingle samples and assist you in  filing a warranty claim. 

Warranty Claim Report -Sample

 2. De-Granulation. This is the loss of the protective coloured stone coating on the       side of your shingles. Severe granule loss is the best indicator that your   needs to be replaced. If your eaves roughing is chocked full of granules, your roof  shingles are most likely finished and should be replaced.  

Shingle De-Granulation 

3. Curling. Shingles that are not lying flat and are curling, lifting, clawing or buckling.   As shingles age, the bitumen used to create its waterproofing capability begin to dry   and to shrink. This in turn causes lifting of the roofing shingles and in effect, their  ability to provide effective waterproofing

Shingles Curling, Clawing

4. Missing Shingles. When shingles dry and begin to shrink with age, they become   very brittle and are prone to wind damage. If you are continually replacing missing   shingles, it’s a very good indicator that your roof shingles need replacing. Have Tops   Roofing Company install a new 50 year fiberglass laminate shingles. 

Missing Shingles 

5. Stack Flashing. Plumbing stack flashing com in two types. A neoprene rubber   or a hard plastic flashing. Anything exposed to the sun, especially rubbers and   plastic, will dry and deteriorate over time as does any caulking compounds used to   seal them. These are typically replaced with any new roofing, thus these are   compromised you may be due for a complete re-roofing. Tops Roofing Company  offers roof inspections and roofing repair if you are really not sure. 

6. Roof Vents. Roof vents come in three types, plastic, aluminum and metal.Plastic Stack flashing – Compromised Roof vents come in three types, plastic, aluminum and metal.Plastic  vents are prone to deterioration from ultra violet sunlight. Damaged or cracked  roof vents may be an indicator that its time to replace either the vents or those old  roof shingles. 

7. Flashings. Roof flashings waterproof the roof at wall or chimney termination points.   Metal roof flashing are not always replaced when new shingles or new roofing is   installed. Peeling paint and deteriorated caulking at roof flashings are good signs   that you may need a new roof or at minimum, new pre finished coloured steel   flashings installed. Have Tops Roofing Company inspect and make   recommendations as to repair or replace shingle roofing or just replace the flashings. 

New Metal Roof Flashing

8. Roof Structure. Major dips and deflections in the underlying roof structure and  plywood substrate are an indication of one or more issues that require immediate   attention. They indicate broken roof truss or rafters, rotten plywood, attic issues   with insulation, ventilation and excessive moisture containment and mould. Tops   Roofing can provide you a detailed assessment of all related areas of concern. 

Broken Roof Truss/Rafter

 9. Roof Leaks. Any leaks through the roofing are a major concern and a red flag that  may be bigger issues going on overhead. Roof leaks can be an indicator that  a new roof may be due or just a simple roof repair is required. Call Tops Roofing   company for all your roofing assessment, repair and replace options. 

Broken Roof Truss/Rafter Roof Leak – Damaged Plywood Substrate

10. Neighbours. You really can’t remember the last time the shingle roof was replaced  or perhaps you the last roof was installed by the builder or the previous owner. A good  indication its time to replace your roof before roof leaks, roof repairs or roof damage  occurs, is your neighbours. If you notice your neighbours or roofing being replaced in  your neighbourhood, it’s probably time you replaced your roof shingles also. Talk to  your neighbours and see if they wish to replace their roofing as well, then call Tops  Roofing Company for your free, no obligation roofing quote and along with your  neighbours, receive our multi home discount. 

Tops Roofing Company Re- Roofing in Oakville