Poly-Iso or polyisocyanurate is is an insulation board available it various thickness and R-Values and is primarily used as a commercial building insulation material for exterior walls and low slope or flat roof applications. With over 70 % of of commercial building roofing structures incorporating Poly-Iso, it is a top choice among both architects and engineers and is used in both new construction applications as well as commercial re-roof, flat re-roof and residential flat roofing construction.

As well as being extremely cost effective at an average cost for roof construction in Southern Ontario of less than .60 per square ft, it definitely is your best option for reducing building energy use & HVAC cost in new new and existing roof structures. During manufacturing, a hydrocarbon blowing agent creates gas filled cells which give poly-iso its high thermal resistance values.


As a roof cover board type of insulation, poly-iso is a popular choice with many benefits over foam and fibre type insulation materials. Its benefits are as follows

  • A higher R-Value per square inch
  • Superior installed cost advantage
  • Its ability to easily achieve building code R-Value at the same time effectively reducing material and labour requirements and minimizing space requirements.
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to use while being building and fire code compliant in many applications from roofing to wall insulation.
  • Temperature stability from minus 100F to 250F and can be used in roof

With climate change and carbon neutral incentives worldwide, facility managers and home owners alike are constantly looking for ways to reduce utility costs without sacrificing comfort. Being a durable, versatile and cost effective insulation choice with high thermal insulation properties, poly-iso will significantly reduce energy costs and pay for itself over time. Not only does it have a cost payback, but also an environmental payback as it is a reusable and recyclable roofing product which significantly reduces CO2 emissions  further reducing its environmental footprint.

First Implemented in Canada in 2019 is the new green energy CARBON TAX, and with the new Biden administration in the USA, business and home owners alike will soon see energy cost rise in efforts to become carbon neutral by 2050. This new carbon tax is not a fixed rate tax and will progressively increase year over year from current rates of around 30.00 per ton to 170.00 by 2030. That my friends is a whopping 566 % increase over 10 years. The best estimates and research I found on cost payback for commercial buildings incorporating Poly-Iso into their new roof or re-roof construction, came from the NCRA ( National Roofing Contractors Association)  Although there are many factors to consider such as climate zones, commercial building types, energy costs in a specific region, R-Values of applied products etc., the NCRA estimates the average life span of  a commercial roof system at 17 years and the average payback time in energy cost savings at 12-13 years.

Please consider that this is a USA based average and heating and cooling days averaged in Canada are much different than in the USA.  Our energy costs including our newly implemented and progressively increasing carbon tax also is not factored into the NCRA averaged estimates. We at Tops Roofing Company suggest much different averages than the NCRA does for the USA. At Tops Roofing based on commercial roofing projects we have completed since 1987 we have a commercial/residential roof average life expectancy  of 18 -20 years with an energy savings and poly-iso payback time average in as little as 5 years based on Ontario’s current energy costs and carbon pricing tax. More info please visit



With times rapidly changing in our planets current efforts to reduce global CO2 emissions, doing it right  with Tops Roofing Company for your next commercial building or home renovation roofing project, we can not only provide you with long lasting roofing and waterproofing solutions, but help you save money for years to come while contributing to green solutions and the reduction of carbon emissions. You’ll not only get a professionally installed energy efficient roof system that will pay you dividends, but will also be doing your part in protecting our environment for your children and future generations to come.